Frankfurt am Main / Wittlich, January 22nd 2022

We are pleased to have won Actemium, a powerful system integrator, for our partner network. As part of the partnership, Arendar IT-Security will support Actemium in selected projects with its digitalization solutions.

Jürgen Kreis, Sales Manager of Arendar IT-Security GmbH, comments:

“We are proud to have Actemium, a VINCI Energies brand, as a very powerful partner for the system integration of our ARENDAR solution portfolio. We are convinced that together, especially due to Actemium’s broad competence and reputation in many industries, including the chemical industry, the oil and gas industry, life science, the food industry and several others, we will be able to convince new customers of the performance and possibilities of ARENDAR and contribute to the solution competence of the projects realized with it.”

About Actemium:

Actemium is VINCI Energies’ brand for industrial process solutions and plays a key role in shaping industrial change. Actemium continuously optimizes its customers’ performance and accompanies them on their way to the industry of the future. The brand is an agile, adaptive network with over 400 business units. These specialize in different industrial sectors and ensure the implementation of customized solutions as well as cross-technology, cross-site and cross-country offerings. Actemium covers the entire lifecycle of an industrial project – from planning to maintenance of production facilities. With its innovative solutions for industry, the brand relies on long-term partnerships.


2.8 billion euros in sales // 22,000 employees // 400 business units // 42 countries

Your contact at Actemium:

About Arendar IT-Security

Arendar IT-Security is a solution provider in the field of digitalization, IIoT, IT/OT/Cloud connectivity, data collection and the like and delivers with the ARENDAR platform a solution portfolio, consisting of hardware and middleware, for the holistic digitalization of industrial processes, systems and plants.
In addition, Arendar offers IT security services in the area of digitalization. These services include: Adaptation of
ARENDAR solutions to customer-specific situations, creation of specific web pages to visualize the data collected with the ARENDAR platform
data (usually to be rolled out on the ARENDAR integrated web server), OT connectivity consulting, provision of Internet services, and more …