short history about the development of ARENDAR and Arendar IT-Security GmbH, meanwhile part of Real-Time Systems GmbH, a leading supplier of real-time hypervisor solutions.

The ARENDAR has been developed from the perspective of a system integrator in the industrial environment. Experienced employees in the fields of automation technology, IT and telecommunications have jointly developed an integrated solution that ensures secure communication between the shop floor and office IT. At the beginning, a team of experts from AREND Prozessautomation GmbH drove the development. For marketing purposes, the activities were bundled in Arendar IT-Security GmbH in 2019.

From the beginning, the focus was on maximum security with the greatest possible practicability. The result is a combination of specially developed hardware and matching, optimized software. Also due to the security aspect, all core competences were bundled in the house of Arendar IT-Security and emphasis was placed on predominantly regional partners in the selection of suppliers.

Arendar IT-Security, again, by beginning of 2023 was acquired by and integrated in Real-Time Systems GmbH, a daughter company of the congatec group, a leading supplier of embedded systems. More about Real-Time Systems GmbH can be found under the dedicated website www.real-time-systems.com!

The resulting system allows the full networking of production processes, the secure collection, processing and transfer of data while strictly maintaining security aspects. The system operates at the boundary between IT and OT networks and functions in principle as a strictly data-centric gateway that can mediate (project) data between the networks, but without creating a physical connection between them. The system acts as a universal protocol converter and, due to its modular concept, can communicate with all technically relevant interfaces and be constantly expanded through continuous product maintenance.

As an intelligent “edge device”, the ARENDAR not only captures and stores data, but can also pre-process it and combine it into new information. In addition, it is possible to visualize data, e.g. in the form of freely customizable web pages, via the integrated web server. Due to the possibility of cascading, production lines can be meaningfully mapped in logical units and summarized to a higher-level representation by downstream ARENDARs.

The right people in the right position

The human success factor plays a major role, and we also attach great importance to a good team.

Rudolf Preuß
Rudolf PreußSite Manager Wittlich
He knows ARENDAR like the back of his hand. Mr Preuß tackles all tasks with his team of developers and will alway find a perfect solution for you.
Prof. Dr. h.c. Axel Haas
Prof. Dr. h.c. Axel HaasFounding partner at the former mother company Arend Prozess Automation GmbH
Axel Haas was the motor in the background. As a strategist, investor and consultant, he initiated and accompanied the success of Arendar IT Security GmbH until its integration into Real-Time Systems GmbH.
Jürgen Kreis
Jürgen KreisSales / Strategy / Marketing
Juergen Kreis is responsible for driving forward ARENDARs go-to-market. Excellently networked and appreciated by his customers.

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