1. General The appointment system for a consultation with Arendar IT-Security GmbH is used to arrange binding appointments to deal with one or more matters by telephone. The appointment system is implemented using Simply Schedule Appointments and is hosted by Arendar IT-Security GmbH. The data entered, collected and stored through the use of Simply Schedule Appointments does not pass through Simply Schedule Appointments’ servers. All data entered, collected and stored is held by Arendar IT-Security GmbH in its own WordPress database. The Simply Schedule Appointments privacy policy can be found at https://simplyscheduleappointments.com/privacy-policy-2/, the general data protection declaration of Arendar Security GmbH can be found at data privacy.
  2. Transmission of personal data In order to be able to clearly assign an appointment to a person, it is necessary to transmit your personal data to Arendar IT-Security GmbH.
  3. Purpose limitation Your transmitted personal data will be stored and processed by Arendar IT-Security GmbH exclusively for the specific appointment that you have agreed upon. It will not be stored or used for any other purpose. Within Arendar IT-Security GmbH, only the departments involved in processing the appointments are given access to the data. Your data will not be transferred to third parties outside Arendar IT-Security. Personal data will be deleted no later than six weeks after the agreed appointment. Then, for statistical and documentation purposes, only data that no longer allow any conclusions to be drawn about your person will be available.
  4. Data security and communication Your data that you send to us via the appointment system is secured by SSL encryption (Secure Socket Layer). If you have entered your e-mail address when making an appointment, you will receive an appointment confirmation and in some cases also an appointment reminder in the form of unencrypted e-mails sent to the personal e-mail address you have previously specified. In particular, please do not use a “family collective address” or a public address in an internet cafe. In your own interest, please ensure that only you have access to this e-mail address.
  5. Data storage and data deletion In principle, any personal reference to your data will be deleted no later than six months after the appointment.